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This is a fan-made website containing digital game aides for various tabletop board games. This website is not affiliated with any of the game designers and is intended to offer free software to the gaming community.

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Your feedback matters a lot for the improvement of the software for each game! Please let me know what you liked and what you didn't like. Any suggestions or general ideas are also more than welcome. I am usually able to reply within a few days, make sure you leave a working email address! Also, if you have your own game aides but don't have a place to publish them then I offer free hosting so you can share them with the community!


SW: Armada



Will feature:

  • AI for playing co-op or solo "Star Wars Armada".
  • Separate computation for ships and squadrons.
  • In depth attack rolls taking into account things as defence tokens, commands, upgrades, different hull zone targeting and more!
  • Anything else that will be needed to create a true virtual opponent!
  • Wings of Glory


    Give it a try!

    Last Updated 27-06-2016


  • AI for playing co-op or solo "Wings of Glory".
  • Patrol Encounter Generator.
  • Image base maneuver output.
  • More stable hosting.
  • Will feature:

  • Ongoing development.
  • Sails of Glory


    Give it a try!

    Last Updated 28-07-2016


  • AI for playing co-op or solitaire "Sails of Glory".
  • Incorporated crew actions, wind situation, Damages and much more!
  • An intelligent system that does not rely on randomly drawn maneuvers!
  • Will feature:

  • Ongoing development.
  • Catan


    Give it a try!

    Last Updated 14-05-2016


  • Simple click system for game affecting events.
  • Economic events.
  • Environmental events.
  • Cultural events.
  • Features light and heavy versions for:

  • Catan, the base game.
  • Catan Cardgame.
  • Explorers and Pirates.
  • Struggle for Rome.